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Who are we?

St. Michael’s is a community of people bound together by our commitment to Jesus Christ.

We believe that the only hope for the world is found in the Good News that is Jesus Christ.

As Anglicans, we seek to embrace the fullness of the Christian faith as it was delivered by the Apostles.

Our worship is rooted in the ancient, while seeking to speak to the world of today and looking to the future.

We are looking to build a community of committed Christians who live out their faith through Word, Sacraments and Work.

In our sacramental worship, we seek to bring Christ into our presence by making the ancient liturgies of the Church relevant to the world of today.

We are also constantly seeking ways to take Jesus into the world through projects that demonstrate His mercy to people in need.

Saint Michael and All Angels Church is a member of the Diocese of Quincy and the Anglican Church in North America. The Anglican Church is the fourth largest Christian denomination in the world, with approximately 80 million members.



Rector: Fr. Waylon Lawrence

Assisting Priest: Fr. Toby Karlowicz

Assisting Priest: Fr. Ben Sutton

Deacon: Dcn. Ryan Vaughan

Senior Warden: Mary Kay Gamage

Junior Warden: Doug McQueen

Clerk: Kathi King
Treasurer: Sheryl Diemer