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What can I expect?

Our service features the Liturgy of the Word (focused on the public reading and exposition of Scripture) and the Liturgy of the Sacrament (focused on The Lord’s Supper). Our worship is liturgical, meaning the clergy and congregation both have special roles to play. We read together, sing together, and pray together.

What if I don’t know the liturgy?

Many of us grew up in other Christian traditions and had to learn the flow of service. The liturgy is a lot like a dance. It takes a little time to get the rhythm and flow. No one does it perfectly their first time and no one expects you to.

The service book (a small booklet handed to you as you enter the church) contains almost everything you will need to follow along. We read together the words in bold. The Scripture readings and hymn numbers are included in an insert slipped inside the service book.

Don’t worry if you forget to kneel or cross yourself in the wrong direction. The only thing we love more than participating in liturgy is sharing it with someone new. No one here cares. We just love that you’re visiting!

What’s your music like?

Our 10:15 service features music included The Hymnal 1982 (the blue hymnals in the pews). Hymn numbers are posted at the front of the church and in the service book insert. Service music (traditional songs we sing every Sunday) is included in the service book.

What should I wear?

People wear everything from shorts and flip flops to neck ties here, and we love them all equally.

Can I receive communion?

All baptized professing Christians, regardless of background or denomination, are welcome to join us in The Lord’s Supper.

We use real wine from a common cup for communion. For a variety of reasons (such as personal preference or waking up that morning with a sniffle) many of our members choose to receive communion only under one kind (meaning they just receive the bread and not the wine).

If you would prefer to only receive the bread, cross your hands over your chest in a “x” shape, bow slightly to the person holding the cup, and make your way back to your seat.

Do I have to make the sign of the Cross or kneel? What about raising my hands? Am I allowed to raise my hands?

We worship God with our entire body and mind. This has taken a number of forms throughout the history of the church. You are welcome to participate in any way that makes you comfortable. Feel free to sit quietly while we’re kneeling or raise your hand during a particularly moving hymn.

Is St. Michael’s handicap accessible?

Yes, both our sanctuary and parish hall are handicap accessible. A sloped sidewalk runs along the front of our building between the parish hall door and front doors. Inside, a lift chair allows easy access down the small flight of stairs to the parish hall.

I don’t know if this Anglican thing is for me. Can I still visit?

Absolutely! We love making new friends, even if you’re just here out of curiosity. We want to support your journey with Jesus, whether that brings you into our church for a week, a year, or a decade.

Who can I go to with questions?

Before our 10:15 service, a greeter at the front door would be happy to make you feel at home and answer any questions you may have. We would also be honored if you would join us for our coffee hour after church. We would love nothing more than to get to know you and answer your questions about our Anglican worship and way of life.